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REFLECTION 13: House sold — finally!

The house FINALLY sold. My closing date is August 15th. Thank goodness – I made my deadline by 15 days.

I was paying the StoneBridge Realtors a stay payment to keep my condo since I was supposed to close on it July 1st. The stay payments were not cheap, and I had to put an additional $10,000 down to demonstrate I was serious. The $10,000 could be applied to closing, however the stay payments were not – $1,000 per month.

The first realtor I had did not grasp the concept that these stay payments were not indefinite. I had to close on the condo with a new deadline of September 1st. A big miss!!!

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REFLECTION 12: Saint Joseph

I listed the house February 6th, and still in April, the house had not sold. I had really thought it would have been sold by now. So desperate times, call for desperate measures so to speak.

My folks, brother and I buried the statue of St. Joseph, in hopes that it will help sell the house.

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REFLECTION 10: Downsizing

Once I made my decision, it was time to start getting rid of stuff. My folks generously offered to have a garage sale for me at their house. I hauled 7 truck loads of crap up to their house and sold a ton of stuff – $670 worth. And, I only hauled 2 truck loads back. What I hauled back will be put out when I have a Moving sale to get rid of garage stuff and other household items once the house is sold.

I tackled the closets in the house too – went through paperwork, pictures, and memorabilia. It’s amazing what you save or keep. There were boxes that I had not opened since I had moved into the house. So, entire boxes of stuff was either shredded or tossed.

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REFLECTION 9: My condo walk thru

It was so exciting to walk thru my condo for the first time. I took many pictures of the rooms. I loved the finishes I picked.

Also, you will notice the blue tape on the rooms – that is furniture sizes which I pre-measured to make sure everything would fit.

Take a look!

Kitchen 1

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REFLECTION 8: Decision Making Process

REFLECTION 8:  Decision Making Process

As I have already alluded to, this was not an easy process….

I have always lived in the suburbs, so it was weird to think that I would want to live downtown. Was I nuts? And, I did have a beautiful home (which was expensive and big). Why would I want to get rid of it?

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